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Foshan Xiaguang Food Co., Ltd.

Foshan Xiaguang Food Co., Ltd was formerly the Foshan Foodstuffs Factory, which was an old state-owned enterprise with about 50 year history. The poor management led to financial difficulties of “Xiaguang”, which was later merged by Macao Lei Hongs Trading Company Limited after the approval of the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Foshan Municipality on 19 December, 2005. After it became a foreign-capital enterprise, the registered capital of the company was increased from RMB4.023 million to RMB23.823 million. Currently our company has an annual turnover of over RMB80 million. Foshan Xiaguang Food Co., Ltd is located in Foshan urban area, with a total area of 10,000m² and the building area covers 15,000m². We have 160 full-time employees operating 3 production lines of Li Lebao canning, 1 production line of bottled soymilk,2 production lines of baking powder; with an annual capacity of “Xiaguang” drink series up to 30000 tons and food additives “Shuangxi” baking powder 8000 tons. With good management, advanced technology and mechanization, “Xiaguang” is enterprise that produces and supplies modern drinks and food additives.

“Xiaguang” drink series includes three types of drinks: soymilk, vegetable and fruit juice and tea. As all our productions are market-oriented products, we keep close track with market information; we focus on the nature, nutrition and adaptability of our products. We have got the National QS Production License and Export Food Production Enterprise Record License, and have passed ISO22000 Food Safety Management Systems Test, thus we can assure the stability and reliability of our products. 


Our main products includes: pure soymilk, black soybean milk, chocolate soymilk, carrot and water chestnut drink, sugar cane and imperatae drink, lychee juice, mango juice, chrysanthemum tea, herbal tea, fruit and vegetable drink etc. Other than selling in Foshan and Peral River Delta; our products are also on sale in towns and villages nearby the Guangdong province. Using natural ingredients to produce in traditional methods, our products not only safe and reliable, but keep the unique taste; thus “Xiaguang” drink series have high popularity in Guangdong Province and are popular among customers. Our company is a member of the China Beverage Industry Association (CBIA), and was awarded as the Model Enterprise of China Soymilk Production. And at the same time,our company is the director unit of the Guangdong Overseas Chinese Enterprises Association. The famed “Shuangxi” baking powder is famous for its quality; which is widely used in hotels, restaurants and food processing industries. This product sells very well all over the country and is the first choice of some of the large-scale hotels. 

In order to cope with the development and expansion of our company, we have in so far invested more than RMB35 million to equip with advanced production machinery from abroad, actively absorbs all kinds of technical skills and invite professionals to join our team. We will continue to try our best to develop and improve, so as to build “Xiaguang” as an enterprise with modern management mode.

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Fax: 0757-82814137
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