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How to use "Shuangxi" Baking Powder and Misunderstandings

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1. How to use

Pour the weighed "Shuangxi" brand baking powder into the flour and sift together (sifting is to make the baking powder evenly distributed in the flour, it is recommended to use a 'powder sieve'), after sieving add an appropriate amount of water and other accessories Rub well. The best kneading time is 15 minutes. After kneading, let it stand for a while before making various kinds of buns. When steaming, wait for the water in the pot to boil before steaming in the pot, or stop for a while before steaming. The dosage is based on the amount of flour, and it is appropriate to add about 0.5%-1.5%, and it should not be excessive.

2. Mistakes in use

1. Add water and flour directly to the baking powder and flour without sifting. This will cause the baking powder and flour to mix unevenly, and the resulting dough will have a "yellow spot" phenomenon.

2. Pour the baking powder directly into the water and mix with the flour. This will lead to early gas production and affect the bulking effect.

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