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How to make custard cake

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Ingredients: low-gluten flour, eggs, beef brisket, caster sugar, salt, custard powder.



          1. Prepare two clean stainless steel pots and separate the egg yolks and whites for later use. egg yolk with caster sugar by hand

       Whisk the egg beater until light in color;


    2. Add the milk into the egg yolk mixture and stir well, sieve the low-gluten flour into the egg yolk mixture and stir well for later use;


    3. Beat the egg whites with an electric egg beater at low speed, add a little salt and lemon juice;

    4. Continue to beat the foam at low speed and add the first caster sugar in a small amount, add the sugar three times, beat each time

       When the foam is slightly thinner, you can add sugar next time. After adding sugar, you can turn on the electric egg beater


       At the maximum level, when the protein is close to hard foaming, it can be changed to low speed for tens of seconds;


        5. Take one-third of the beaten egg whites and add them to the egg yolk paste and mix well, then pour the egg yolk paste into the rest

       Stir in egg whites;

    6. Then add an appropriate amount of custard powder;

        7. Heat the rice cooker for 5 minutes in advance, pour the stirred cake batter into the pot, shake out the air and put it into the rice cooker


       Press the cook button in the pot for about 35 minutes;

         8. Cover with a damp cloth immediately after tripping. The predetermined time is 20 minutes. After baking, continue to press the cooking button to pre-

        Set time is about 15 minutes. Continue to bake for 20 minutes after tripping;

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